Scuola Language in Italy
Intensive Italian courses for foreigners in Rome

Intensive Italian courses for foreigners in Rome

Standard Intensive Italian Course (a lesson is 45 minutes)

Let's talk about the most requested group course at the Language in Italy of Saint Peter. It is an intensive course with a daily frequency where all four linguistic skills are put into practice, speaking, listening, reading and writing. The lesson allows students to create a good relationship with their colleagues giving them the peace of mind to learn with games, activities and role play. The student also learns to compare and practice the Italian language in real and authentic contexts of everyday life. This course lasts 4 weeks for each level. Every month there will be a starting date to allow students to continue the training. There will be only one teacher. Minimum number of students: 3 people.

Language in Italy is located in Rome, few steps from the Vatican City.

Termine, an denen die Kurse beginnen (Tag / Monat)

2018: 15/01*; 05/02; 05/03; 03/04; 02/05 03/09; 01/10; 29/10; 26/11

2019: 07/01; 04/02; 04/03; 01/04; 29/04; 02/09; 30/09; 28/10; 25/11

Zusätzliche Informationen

3/12 Students - 5 days a week – 9.30 – 12.30 / Last 4 weeks

Registration fee of € 60,00 not included

* 9.30 – 13.30 / Last 3 weeks
Dauer des Kurses
1 week
€ 210
2 weeks
€ 320
3 weeks
€ 450
4 weeks
€ 520
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