Scuola Language in Italy
Long-term Italian courses

Long-term Italian courses in Rome

Semiannual and annual Italian courses in Rome

For students who wish to study Italian for 24 weeks or more, Language in Italy provides interesting seminary or annual language programs. Long-term study programs are becoming increasingly popular among students and young adults. There are many good reasons to consider a long-term study program away from home. Being able to fully discover a different culture enriches you both from a personal and a professional point of view. Duration of the course 3,6,10,12 months.

Language in Italy is located in Rome, few steps from the Vatican City.

Fechas de inicio de los cursos (Día/ Mes)

2018: 15/01*; 05/02; 05/03; 03/04; 02/05 03/09; 01/10; 29/10; 26/11

Más información

* includes 2 individual courses of 15 hours , three times per week

** includes 2 individual courses of 45 hours

*** These courses are 4 hours per day (9.30 a.m. - 1.30 p.m.)
Duración del curso
180 h
3 months
€ 1490
360 h
6 months
€ 2900
390 h *
10 months
€ 3900
450 h **
12 months
€ 5500
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