Scuola Language in Italy
Conversation class and vocabulary (from intermediate level on)

Conversation class and vocabulary (from intermediate level on)

Conversation - Intermediate Speaking and Vocabulary class

Enhance your Italian vocabulary with conversation classes. This class takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for people interested in improving oral production and vocabulary. Minimum 3 students per class. Conversation classes are the ideal way to improve your ability to express yourself in Italian, to become fluent and to enrich your vocabulary. Classes are engaging and you will have the opportunity to interact with both classmates and teachers. Real-life situations are simulated during the conversation class and role-plays play an important role in learning vocabulary, syntax and grammar. Some topics of conversation are insights on Italian culture, allowing students to understand the Italian culture through history, cooking, news, gestures and ways of doing things. The methodology used is based on the “Direct Communication Method” and facilitates students to assume a fun and playful attitude. The motivational aspect is very important so the teacher plays not only the role of linguistic facilitator but also an animator role.

Language in Italy is located in Rome, few steps from the Vatican City.

Course Lenght
10 weeks
€ 360
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